Why hire the professionals to buy property in Rancho Santa FE?

Having your own home is every person’s dream. We spend the entire life in saving for our own home, but sometimes, despite spending the money, finding the right home is not possible. And when it comes to finding the perfect concrete getaway, far from the hustle and bustle of the daily lives, there is no better place than the coasts of California, especially in the Rancho Santa FE in the San Diego County of California.

It is one of the most beautiful, visually stunning and naturally breathtaking landscape within the United States of America and hence, a spot of personal preferences for many of the famous personalities in the country and abroad. If you too have a dream owning a property in this region, it is not as easy as it may sound, if you are not in touch with the right real estate agent. When you are in search for a proper luxury property of your own, especially one for your individual property and not an apartment in the concrete jungle, and that too in an area like Temecula Valley Region or the San Diego County Region, it is must that you hire the professional and international real estate agent.

What do you get in Rancho Santa FE?

When it is the Rancho Santa FE region that you are looking for your own property to be established at, you need the assistance of the professionals. Whether your requirement is an ocean viewing condo or a Spanish Colonial one, the essence of living in the sublime setting of coveted vistas is something that is worth spending a lifetime for. No matter if you are looking for a real estate property to own and live or simply hire one for rent and stay a year and so, you will get them all available here.

From cozy single storey ranch style homes owned by you or en enchanting private enclave to hire for rent, Rancho Santa FE has so much to offer that the options will mesmerize you. It is entirely up to you whether you are looking for a spectacular view to look over the San Dieguito River Valley or the Crosby Golf Course. From private master patio or balcony to fully furnished luxury bedrooms, kitchen, restaurants nearby along with horse and hiking trails near the property, you can find the best homes in Rancho Santa FE through the professional rancho santa fe realty.

How to choose the best homes?

Whether you are looking for a property to own, a home to live in, a ranch style home or a luxurious coveted casita, you will get them all in this region of California. No doubt why it has been considered as one of the most loved areas to live in or spend time at, for those who have a sense of style. Rancho Santa FE cannot be judged by the price of money; here property means a lifestyle in itself and owning a real estate property here is a status in itself.

But only a professional real estate agent of international repute can bring you the right property for you. If you hire these professionals, they will help you to find the best homes in Rancho Santa FE. You can choose the right property for hiring or for owning. You only need to tell what you are looking for, what should be the acres of your choice and the best choices will be brought to you.

Services you can look for:

If you are looking for the right property for your personal stay, you can always look for:

  • A granite flooring and a private drive from the gates to the home
  • A gourmet kitchen and a fully equipped and luxuriously decorated living, drawing and bedrooms
  • A large patio, a sparkling pool, spacious floor plans and soaring ceilings.

Whatever you choose, you can be assured that this will be the best experience of your entire life. Just hire the best professionals for this task and they will do the task of finding the best possible homes for you. You can even look for properties to give for rent as a source of steady income here in the most luxurious zip codes of California.

Choosing an Excellent Listing Agent

Real Estate AgentAre you one of homeowners of Coconut Grove Real Estate who is planning to sell home and trying to find the listing agent that will help you sell your properties based on highest price and lower commission that you could pay? Then, you have just committed a mistake.  These things have nothing to do when hiring the best and competent agent for your house. In fact, the agents that you have chosen who gives more importance to high prices and commission will:

  • Give you false information

Yes, it is true that agents can’t give you the guarantee of the exact sales price but then, a listing agent that will give you suggestions regarding the exact price of the property might not be an honest one. When this happen, immediately ask for the computation that will support his/her conclusion. It would prove then, that they are being untruthful of their job or maybe the home sales is found somewhere else.

  • Find a listing agent that can give you a range of prices

In this industry of real estate, range is an important matter. This would be an indicator of the factors that the agents have thoroughly considered such as the temperature of the market, improvements as well as the location of Coconut Grove homes for sale.

  • The art of pricing

An offer is best within a month. Just like any other products or businesses, if the price of the Coconut Grove homes for sale is right, then you will eventually get the best offer that it has. However if your price is too high for a house, then it might give bad result at all. There are also times that the buyers will ask for reduction in the price due to the reason that they are in doubt of the Coconut Grove Homes for Sale.

Don’t forget that every Coconut Grove Real Estate agent is a unique individual. It means that each of them has their own technique and strategy when it comes to marketing and advertising. Picking up the Coral Gables real estate agent that will help you promote your property to potential buyers is a good help for you. The advertising strategy that your agent uses might enable you to attract large pool of potential buyers, which is then good news for you. This will definitely mean that you can get greater chance of getting great deals.

But be sure to know the reason why your chosen agents have decided to get lower prices than its competitors. Sometimes, it is due to great competition in the market. This strategy serves as their only way to get attention from the seller. In this world where the best stands out, your agent should be wise enough especially in drawing attention to possible clients. That’s why often times, they lower their fees. But then, as a seller you still need to recognize whether they are doing this to help you or they have another plan. Always reflect on yourself whether you are going to work with this kind of agent or you will look for dedicated and better one.

Aside from the mentioned reasons above, the following circumstances might give the agents the reason to lower their commission:

  • The task of buying at the same time selling of your home is on the shoulder of one agent.
  • You already have the ability and capacity to perform legwork, marketing and advertising and willing to pay for all the expenses regarding sales.
  • You are about to sell more than one home.
  • You are being accepted by the agent as pro bono case
  • There is the tendency that the agent might lose the listing otherwise he/she got a match on the fee of his/her competitor

But then, if you get confused because you have interviewed similar cases of agents, then you can refer on their track records which show the original price list of the agent and their final sale number. You can also refer on the following qualities that an excellent agent should have:

  • Solid experience in the Coconut Grove Real Estate industry

If the agent is fully experienced in real estate matters, he or she must be familiar with the real estate processes. The agent should also show his expertise and what he has gone through in his years of service. He should also show his accomplishments in his previous clients.

  • Education

It is better to ask for the degrees or any doctoral degree if there’s any. You can also ask for any additional certification and trainings that he/she had attended before. This would give you the hint of the knowledge and nature of the work that he/she is doing.

  • Networking

This is a kind of business where you need to build connection to all kinds of people. From these, there is a higher chance that an agent would sell because of the connection that he/she has.

  • Negotiation skills

Find an excellent and at the same time an aggressive negotiator. Not just anyone that could do a quick sale but on your expense, it doesn’t make sense at all.

  • Excellent communication skills

Of course, it would be best if you have chosen an agent who knows how to communicate well.  It is one of the keys that you must prioritize in looking for an agent because a good seller is always good in communicating.

However, it would still good at the end of your evaluation on the potential agents to ask for the guarantee on their performance. This would show that they are confident enough of their personal skills and might give you the best result that you are aiming for. But if doesn’t give you the guarantee, and then never ever hire that agent.

Hiring an excellent agent would definitely give you the best possible price and result of your ads such as Coconut Grove homes for sale suggest.  However you don’t need to sacrifice the price and the commission that you need to pay for him/her. You just need a little bit and extra careful of getting into the details of the agent in the hiring process. You don’t need a better agent but rather you need the excellent listing agent that would beat the market for you.

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Living the Aspen way: purchase homes for sale in Aspen Co

Are you looking for a luxury villa in Pitkin County Co?  If so, make sure that the city that will be on top of your list is Aspen. If you have not been in the mountain- sandwich city, you can just feel the ease to search on the web. Right there and then, you will surely fall in love with the beauty of the masterpiece home mountains.

Along with all the excellent features, skiing have been the steppingstones of Aspen in the pinnacle of beauty.  This is very evident with the increasing number of home buyers whose desires are to experience living the Aspen way.  You’re one of them right? If you want to know if purchasing homes for sale in Aspen Co is a great decision, you get it right. You’re on for a good job. With this, the following details about Aspen will convince you to pursue your dream property in the city.


Aspen was once the largest Colorado city. Majority of the people were residents of Downtown areas. And as a wise conclusion could suggest it was also on this area where you can find large selection of residential homes.At present, the West end of the city is an outstanding neighbourhood ideal for those who areinterested in buying Aspen Real Estate.Since the timeof skiimmemorial, the city of Aspen has been one of the most noted on Colorado. Although the city has one became affordable for many, it is evident that the area commandsvalue nowadays. this is because of  thepresence of duplex lots  beingremodelledtoday into high end  Aspen Real Estate  for  those who a are aspiring to experience the  luxury of living an Aspen condo and townhouses.

Meanwhile, the Aspen Mountain lies oppositeto the Red Mountain. At its peak, RedMountainhas been the greatest subdivision in the city of Aspen. Its remarkable significance has t been attribute to the excellent panoramic views of   Aspen as well as Aspen Mountain. Today, you can find luxurious aspen homes for sale in Red Mountain.  In connection to tis, Willoughby way is considered to be the greatest address in Aspen nowadays. It is on this palace where you can find several of the largest and the most expensive Aspen Real Estate forSale in the city.   You would easily fall in love with thearea because ofthe never-disappointing views.

Aspen is well noted for its variety of neighbourhoods. These include Eastwood, Mountain valley and the Aspen Grove. At times, these were theaffordable places for many homeowners. Nonetheless, as the years have passed, majority of the residential buildings have been reconstructed. All of a sudden, theplace is now vibrant with its newly constructedluxuryAspen real estate. For this matter, most of the aspen homes are nowoffered on high value.

Going to the western side, Buttermilkand Meadowood were also developed to be included in the list of the new neighbourhoods in Aspen. In a while, StarwoodSubdivision was then constructed to befirst subdivision that is grated in the city. The subdivision has offered eye catching views of the Aspen Mountain as well as the surrounding areas. In fact, thereare local artists who live in the said subdivision.

When it comes to knowledge, Aspen is also anexcellent place. Why? Just in case you are not aware, 63.78 percent of adults living in Aspen have gained four-year t degree course, law degree, master’s degree anddoctoral degree. This is the reason why people who live in the region have been positively stereotyped to be intelligent. This can be attributed to the qualityschools that Aspenhas to offer.Meaning, you and your kids can also take advantage of it when you live in the city.  Because of this, you need to purchase Homes For Sale In Aspen Co.

Whether you are one big happy familyor you are a loner, you canhave a suitable home in Aspen. The city does not  only boast with itsHomes For Sale In Aspen Co, that  offers eye –catching views of mountains, but it also please many home buyers because of the  wide range of selection of homes that are available. In adherence to the varied needs, budget and lifestyle of home buyers, Homes for Sale inAspenCoare developed with distinctive features for the benefitof many. Get to be specific with your dream real estate now and the answer might just be found on the city of Aspen.

While you are now planning to move to Aspen, you should also know thatthe languagesthat are spoken by the residents ofAspen are different. Nevertheless, you will not find it intimidating for you because majority of them are capable of speaking English. Other significantlanguages that arerelevant in the city of Aspen include Portuguese, Scandinavian and Spanish.

The city of Aspen is undoubtedly one of the greatestprides of Colorado becauseof the panoramicviews of the scattered mountains.  But more than, thediverse lifestyles in the city also makes it worth a nod for many home buyers to settle in the area. With the large number of Homes For Sale In Aspen Co, anyone that is   financially capacitated can avail of what the city has to offer. Although there are highend condos, there are also value priced residential buildingsthat makes a perfecta abode for your family.

So, you areplanning to move to Aspen as soon as possible, right?  Well, to make things clearer for you,discussthe important details with atrustedAspen realtor now and discern which one is the most potential avenue for achieving your quest of getting the best Homes For Sale In Aspen Co. In the long run, considering the budget and lifestyle of the family is surely a must along the way.  The benefits of living in the city of Aspen are extensive and it is your prerogative if you want to take advantage of them. If you’re wise, you’d prefer to do so.

Condominium options in Delray Beach, FL

Delray is known for its beautiful beaches. With its beach-themed condominiums, it would be a perfectplace for people who are looking forward to witnessing the breeze of urban sprawl morning. If you are looking for DelrayBeach Condos for sale, you would surely be amazed with the large number of neighborhoods that the city of Delray has to offer.

With an estimated population of 64,00residents,DelrayBeach is replete with great features such as schools, great weather, restaurants and shopping venues. Aside from those, the prices of condoshave significantly dropped since 2005.This is because of the recent recession. As a result, this is undoubtedly the right time to take the perfect opportunity to purchase Delray Beach Real Estate. In fact, research reveals that the prices of condominiumsin the city have dropped with the same level in 2003 in the year 2009. As of the peak in the real estate market of Delray Beach, condominiums havereached $225,000. But at present, you can provide your family with a great condo to live in with $115,000 price.


The price of Delray Beach condominiums have been quite better compared to neighborhoods such asDune road and High Point. The greatest reason why it is ideal for you to buy Condos in Delray Beach is because of the large scale remodeling that the Atlantic Avenue has undergone.When you are very meticulouswhen it comes to educational aspect for your kids, Atlantic Community High schools has undergone a significant renovation way back in 2005. At present, it offers state-of-the art facilities. This is just one of the best offers of Delray Beach for you.

If you want a large selection of neighborhoods, Delray Beachwon’t fail you regarding that matter. You might want to choose a midrise condominium in Valencia Shores or prefer Addison reserve. There are also high rise condos that are available in Polo Trace neighborhoods. These are just some of the superb units that you can choose from when you choose Delray Beach to be your next home. So, if you have been intimidated with the list of selections of condos, you can reducethe time and hassle by preferring one from the multiple offers ofall-best DelrayBeach.

Because of the great weather in DelrayBeach, the temperature in the city ranges from seventy five to ninety two degrees from winter season to summer. Meaning, it is the perfect location for Condos for singeindividual andfamilies. As of the demographicperspectives, forty eight percent of the population of DelrayBeach comprises 45 and older. Meanwhile, the realestate market in DelrayBeach has reached 3.7 percent over the past three months and it has dramatically risen asof 2009. If you are planning to buy Delray Beach Condos for Sale, you should know that the average time that it usually requires to sell a unit is around onehundredtwenty to one hundred thirty days.

In addition, the medianlist price of Delray Beach Condos for Saleis $169, 800. If you are spotting for a unit inValenciareserve, the median sales price ispotentially $113,000 for Delray condos. Thecondition of the real estate market isboth favorable to potential buyers and sellers as well. Since you are a buyer, you can grab the excellent opportunityto choose a Delray condo in price that is more significant compared to the previous years. That’s why, if you are planning to purchaseDelray Beach Real Estate, you shouldrealize it by now.

When you look for a condounit for sale in the city, you will be satisfied with the large number of selections. Thereare about sevenhundred condominiums in DelrayBeach noted in the previous years and the recentrecession has opened the opportunity toincrease the number at present. Needless to say, there are plenty of condos that you can select from when you choose Delray Beach to be your residence. Plus, how would you love to enjoy mortgagethathassignificantlydropped under five percent in 2009. Meaning, you can purchase a Delray Beach Real Estatewith thirty-year fixed mortgage for less than sixhundred dollar in a month. It will not include takessubjected on real estate, though.

Aside from the hugeverity of neighborhoods, Delray Beach alsowelcomes you with couple of miles-magical sandy beaches. This has been one of the reasons why the city has drawn significant number of vacationers for decade.Additionally, great public parks as well as outdoor recreational venues have played a very important part in the fame of DelrayBeach for visitors. While you live in superb condo units with high end amenities, you would also live in a place that teemswith pools, trails, outdoor sports facilities and many more. You wouldalso be surprisedthat Delray does not only boast its elegant Delray Beach Condos forSale but also its hugevariety ofculturalattraction for decades. It also has a long list of museums, shops, galleries, boutiques and restaurants.

With DelrayBeach wide array of historic buildings along with art –themedcottages whichhave been rooted many yearsago, Delray Beachis only the city inFlorida that has been grantedwith All American City award on distinctive events. Aside from the said distinction, DelrayBeachhas also gained the Blue Wave award because of the city’sdramatic makeover. TheBlue wave award was given by theCouncil of Clean Beaches. Most importantly, Delray Beach is also the one of the top 10 Florida’s beaches.

With the huge number of tempting offers of DelrayBeach, you would surely consider it as the ideal home. Whether you are an individual or you are looking for condos in Valencia Reservelarge family, find your home in Delray Beach. There is one important reminder that you need to remember, however. While you looking for a DelrayBeach condo for saleby now, it is quite better if you discuss real estate details with a professional DelrayBeach realtor. In this way, you’re surely on for your next new home.

Finding Bernal Heights Real Estate

Bernal Heights is considered as a neighbourhood in San Francisco and it lies in the South Mission District of San Francisco. Bernal Heights is surrounded with two parks. The largest one is undeveloped and an open space which is loved by racers and dog walkers. On the other part of Bernal Heights, there can be the perfect place for families to enjoy bonding as the place was surrounded by mown grass where children can play and roam around.

Real estate

Bernal Heights is truly a good place to permanently live. The place was complete with ideal commercial and residential features that will surely like by some property searchers.Everything was there already as it was a rich culture place enjoyed by all of the residents.  That was one of the reason why looking for a property and living there is ideally perfect.

Why Bernal Heights?

If real estate is what you are looking, Bernal Heights is right for you. In many places out there, Bernal Heights has become one of the most ideal places. The climate, the people as well as the real estate projects are getting more progressive. Said increase of market condition in Bernal Heights is considered as one of the reason why there are people deciding to live in Bernal Heights. The demand is getting higher and that leads too in the economic growth of the neighborhood place in San Francisco which is the Bernal Heights.

The market of jeff salgado real estate becomes wider. There are diverse offers for home buyers with lots of options that are according into the budget and desired style of the buyer. Many people want to have property of their in Bernal Heights _and live there permanently. That fact leads the real estate market of Bernal Heights to provide properties that the home buyers may select from.

Bernal Heights Real Estate Buying Property Tips

In buying Bernal heights homes for sale is not just that easy as what you are thinking.  You must have enough knowledge about getting a property at the process that will not cause any pain on you. So if you want to succeed in finding Bernal Heights Real Estate here are the following tips:

  • First of all, you must decide on the type of the property you want to buy before searching for one. Ask yourself first if you want a condominium, a family home, a loft or a townhouse.   Knowing what type of the property is essential as it will tell you the whole thing to consider like for example are the price, space and home quality. Look out on the features before deciding which among the options you want to see. In this way, it would be easier for you to decide in everything.
  • Consider the space of the property. If in case the property you are attracted was spacious and enough for you or for the whole family, then decide on it. The home space you are going to look should be the right space for the whole family. But it will always depend upon your decision if what is more convenient for you to select. It is very much important for the reason of not regretting about the space you have bought.
  • Take consider of neighborhood factor. If you see that the place is located in a neighborhood which may be difficult to live, then do not buy it. Look for a home that may give you confidence about living on a place with your neighborhood.  Also, considering the neighborhood factor requires specially the distance. It is up to you to look determine if the space between you and your possible neighbors are enough to live peacefully.
  • Hire a home inspector to check out all of premises for you.  It is essential on determining if the place or home follows building practices and if there are still repair to be done. In that way, you can assure about the quality of the home you think is perfect for you and for the whole family.
  • Consider the Pricing Factor. Take a look at the whole property and think if the price offered to you was enough or matches on it.  Be careful about searching and comparing them all first may lead you to the right property.  Be sure about the price of the property to avoid pain in paying it.   In looking for a property, it should not be done immediately. Meaning, further searches and inspection with the property is what you need to avoid regretting in the end.

With the help of these tips, the assurance of getting Bernal Height home for sale can be easier for you. Remember that doing the right procedure for buying homes will bring you to the best home where you may live. Anyway, there is nothing much to worry about because all available property in Bernal Heights Real Estate has its quality. But, one thing you must not forget and that is the role of Bernal Heights Realtors.

Realtors are the person whom you are going to consult when you buy home in a real estate company. Real estate brokers or the realtors provide helpful advices in different aspects of buying a home. The common practice of people who want to buy a property is to hire a realtor. This is simply to have someone to represent your interest on the property you desire. In some states, the realtor is allowed to represent the seller and the buyer. The role of a realtor is significant in a ways that you will get your desired property at the price and quality appropriate for you. They may also guide you to the right option you should get in buying a certain property.

Since there are lots of people who have decided to get live in Bernal Heights, properties in San Francisco Real Estate now is getting limited. So, making sure you search for the property now with the help of Bernal Heights realtors are what you need to take now before it is late for you to   be part of amazing community like Bernal Heights.

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Home Renovation: An Investment or A waste of Money

Today’s generation loves to explore, innovate and renovate. Vinyl Sidings, marble floors, appliances installations in the bathroom, Feng Shui and etc. is just an example on how creative and imaginative we are. Aside from that, there are several TV shows that which features renovation in your house that later will make you pity yourself because you are the only who doesn’t do the renovation thing among the neighbourhood. But do you think that you really need an Ottawa home renovation?

Actually, there are two major reasons why you decided to renovate your house. First, it is because you want to develop and further improve the space and ambiance of your house. The second reason is that you want to make an investment on your house so that it would increase its value.

ottawa kitchen renovations
ottawa kitchen renovations

Well, the first reason is an acceptable in all aspects of life. We all want to have a happy and comfortable life and one of the factors that would affect that is our environment. By improving our home, we can be rest assured that we can hit what we are aiming for. But for the second reason, several questions would linger in your mind. Do you really need to invest on such things like ottawa kitchen renovations? What is our guarantee that it would benefit your family? What about saving the money instead of spending it? In my own opinion, a person only uses this reason to show their financial irresponsibility.

But I am not against of the improvement of your living space although that there’s a chance that you can get a positive return of investment. My point here is that know your capacity in affording a thing such Ottawa home renovations. As much as possible, evaluate first your finances before making decisions. You make decisions not just to show-off that you have money but be sure that you include the welfare and wellness of your family. The money that you supposedly should be used for your Ottawa home renovation can be saved for future use, right?

Let’s just take a look on this situation. Let’s say that you have $100,000 dollars allotted for your Ottawa home renovation. That means that it can increase as much as $125,000. That’s wonderful if you have many connections, but what if not? What if you lived in that for another 15 years? There’s a risk that your house will grow negatively 15 years from now. In addition to this, the money that you use for the Ottawa Renovation, is it your savings? Or you just borrowed it from someone? If you do, then your cash flow is already tied up in paying your debt.

So in order to avoid getting into the mess of debts when you want to renovate your homes, here are some ways to finance well your renovation with the pros and cons.


Perfect, if you have them especially when you are planning to do a small project. But if you have a large investment amount, withdrawing is not a good idea just to finance your renovation Ottawa home project. Evaluate first your finances for you to know if you are going to suffer any penalties of early withdrawal. Take note with cash you can for the materials and service that you would consume right away rather than opting for loans and paying it off slowly.

Credit card

Using credit card, you can have the advantage and disadvantages part of it. On the positive side, you can pay as little as it is or as much as possible for certain services or things every month without getting the penalties. Aside from that, you can also skip the stress and hassle that a loan approval may cause to you. It is also gives you convenience in buying and shopping all of the stuff that you need in a retail store plus you can track your expense. But on the other hand, the interest rates in credit cards are much higher than any other kind of loan. In worst cases, it can be the start of your debt-spiral. Better be wise in using credit card.

Bank Loan

This is the most straightforward means of financing or any of the purposes that requires huge initial outlay cash. This is being done in a regular interval by withdrawing from your account the fixed repayments.

Personal line of credit

These are the famous rounding lending vehicles which offer a flexible repayment terms at a fixed interval. It is useful for the project that needs an immediate or instalments. It also allows everyone to loan a pre-arranged limit of amount and pay off all the remaining balance or above it each month.

Secured line of credit

Just like any other PLC or loans, but this time, they offer a lower interest rate in return of the collateral or security. Security or collateral are the equities that can be found in your house by adding up its value minus the price of the mortgage. It can be a great source of funds but then if not properly handled can result into disclosure.

Mortgage Financing

Refinancing your entire mortgage will provide your opportunity to branch out the payment and make the time frame of paying your mortgage longer. Aside from that it also provides you to access your home’s appraisal value as much as 80%. But then you can choose to give those extra funds for renovations when you bring in another mortgage.

These types of financing for your Ottawa home renovation can vary in small ways, depends how you use it in a specific situation. For you to be able to be sure, ask assistance to the bank people.

Yin connection with this, you can say to yourself that renovation is a matter of choice of the homeowner because it brings new surroundings full of pleasure and happiness as well as great investments. But then, considering the money factor, you need to keep in mind that you should only spend for the projects which is worth spending for.

Paris Hilton Recent Updates

parisParis recently did with her ​​former best friend Lindsay Lohan and two put their differences aside. They were seen together on Friday night.

Socialite came out of an interview on Good Morning America last week, when a reporter asked her if her 15 minutes were almost, and if her star power falling. Famed sculptor Daniel Edwards introduced the nude portrait of pop star Justin Bieber and his girlfriend Selena Gomez.

It shows teens, almost completely naked, with the Canadian maple leaf and the star of Texas alone, covering their most intimate parts.

Stuck, titled “Justin and Selena as one, have them connected to the torso. The final portrait will be featured in the New Fine Arts in Dallas on yet unannounced date.
His works include sculpture disembodied head of Ted Williams, a life-size statue of Britney Spears giving birth in the nude on her hands and knees on a bearskin rug, a bust of Senator Hillary Clinton, and 25 feet bust of Fidel Castro, he also did a little strange, but we assume funny sculpture of a piece he calls, First Poop Suri Cruise. man convicted of trying to break into the Hollywood Hills home of Paris Hilton last summer was sentenced to two years in prison.